Brand Name: BOBCAT Helium Hotspot & HNT Miner

For HNT, the Bobcat Miner 300 is a high-efficiency miner hotspot. It works with the Helium LongFi architecture, which integrates the leading wireless LoRaWAN protocol with the Helium Blockchain technology.


Bobcat Miner 300 For Sale

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Bobcat Miner 300

For HNT, the Bobcat Miner 300 is a high-efficiency miner hotspot. It works with the Helium LongFi architecture, which integrates the leading wireless LoRaWAN protocol with the Helium Blockchain technology.

All LoRaWAN devices are compatible with the Bobcat Miner 300. The Bobcat Miner 300 consumes very little power 5W and has a signal range of up to 10 miles, allowing it to link tens of thousands of LoRaWAN end nodes within its range.


Bobcat Miner

Bobcat helium miner for sale is a 64GB eMMC flash memory built-in for greater data security and memory storage. Other Helium HNT miners on the market employ either 32GB flash drives or external SD cards.

Because bobcat helium miner 300 supports 3000 write cycles, compared to 500 for an SD card, additional memory allows the miner to calculate more at the same time, as well as a longer device life expectancy (up to 10 years).

Bobcat Miner 300 for sale employs the industrial-grade Rockchip PX30, a high-performance quad-core application processor designed for high-end business applications, unlike all other HNT hotspot miners on the market that run on Raspberry Pi. When it comes to troubleshooting, this provides unrivaled reliability and direct manufacturer support.

Bobcat Helium Miner

Wider network coverage is provided by the upgraded 4dbi antenna, which means improved Proof of Coverage results and more $HNT revenues. All other indoor Helium HNT miners currently on the market have 2dbi antennas. The improved 4dbi antenna on the Bobcat Miner 300 for sale, on the other hand, may deliver 150 percent more coverage.

The Bobcat 300 Miner features an interface that you may use to see what it’s doing and perform tasks such as an internet speed test. You may also get a full breakdown of which block your miner is currently working on.
The miner option provides a comprehensive breakdown of your miner. You must exercise caution when using this option, as the menus warn that it slows down Bobcat mining.

Bobcat 300 Miner

Hopefully, you already know what the helium Bobcat 300’s network IP address is, as you’ll need it to get your miner out of relayed mode and set up the “port forward.”

Follow my Getting Out of Relayed Status Helium Mining Guide if you haven’t already set up your port forward.

You can find your IP by entering into your router’s web interface/app, or by using the “Diagnostics” feature of the Helium app!

Bobcat 300 miners face a significant challenge in terms of temperature. They are notorious to overheat if they are outside or in a particularly hot / poorly ventilated environment. This function assists you in managing this and ensuring that your miner does not become overheated.

If you select the temperature option, you will receive the following temperature for your unit (in the form of temp.json in JSON format, which is important if you are a developer):

"time": "2021-08-07 00:30:51 +0000 UTC",

"temp0": 47,

"temp1": 49,

"unit": "°C"

This allows you to monitor the temperature of your bobcat miner 300 for sale. This one is within an air-conditioned building, and the temperature is still at 49C (about 120F), yet it’s “good” reading!

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