SenseCAP M1 Outdoor Enclosure Kit


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SenseCAP M1 Outdoor Enclosure Kit For Sale

The SenseCAP M1 Outdoor Enclosure Kit includes all necessary parts to take your SenseCAP M1 (NOT INCLUDED IN THE KIT) outdoor in a secure and durable casing.
Combined with one of our fibreglass antennas, this kit will allow you to better position your Miner and maximize your rewards without a compromise to harsh outdoor conditions

Product Features

  • PoE injector, power cord for the PoE injector, and PoE splitter
  • Zip ties, PVC tape, and waterproof tape
  • Pole mounting kit
  • Antenna cable type RG316, with N-type female to RP-SMA male connectors for LoRa antenna.
  • RAKBox-GW-4
  • Maximum ambient temperature +40°C
  • IP67 rated
  • Gross weight: 4kg
  • Net weight: 3kg

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